Diamond Jack

RIP-300 300mm Ripper Blade


  • Model: RIP-300

Size - 300mm x 20mm

The "Ripper" Demolition Blade. The blade that cuts what a diamond blade can`t

Whenever you want to use a chainsaw but can`t, or when you want to cut what a diamond blade can`t ; the self-sharpening carbide cluster Ripper Blade will do the job.

Ripper Blades are bi-directional:- simply turn the blade over each time you use it, and the carbide clusters will self-sharpen! The blades have laminated steel centres for extreme strength and durability, with special slits to reduce noise and vibration. Ripper discs are designed for use in angle grinders and hand-held petrol saws.

Ripper blades will rip through the following materials:-

Tree roots, abrasive blocks, soil, groundwork, fence panels, railway sleepers, wooden boards and planks, wood with nails and screws, rubber, old tyres with metal reinforcement, plastics, flashing, thin sheet metal, roofing sheets, and much more.......

Ripper Blades are ideal for demolition, landscaping, groundworking, window fitting, railway contractors, local councils, agricultural contractors and many other situations.


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